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Your own personal supercomputer


$6 / hr*

+ $5 monthly storage

Dont know “How to”?
Watch this video

* Hourly plans require an access fee which covers storage costs.

Blazing Fast

10 x GTX 1080ti cards / 38 000 cuda cores per machine.

Pay As You Go

Start and stop whenever you want in Blazespace.

Remote Desktop

Login with Teamviewer. Transfer with dropbox.

Flexible software setup

Pay for the software you need or use your own licenses.


Your desktop and software setup gets saved between each start and stop.

Any questions about this service can be answered by us or our Blaze bot. Look at the bottom right corner of the website for the messaging app :)

You can also watch this video to see how it works.

Tested Render Services

About RenderBlaze

About Renderblaze

We are a GPU Renderfarm based in Norway, aiming to provide affordable machine rental to CG/FX artists and studios around the world. Our machines are located in a secure server park in Oslo hosted by Blix Solutions AS. Over 90% of Norways electricity is provided by renewable hydro power and given the cold climate you can render with hardly any environmental footprint.

If you need us to sign an NDA or have other questions - please contact us or send an email to